Completed rolls are inspected to ensure conformance to our quality standards.
Visual inspections are done and specific instruments are used to check for:
  • Defects
  • Dimensional conformance
  • Surface finish
  • Hardness


After passing our quality inspecton the rolls are wrapped in specially printed UV shielded paper.

Rolls that require additional protection are then crated prior to any further handling in order to avoid the risk of surface contact and possible damage.

The loading of rolls for delivery is supervised by our quality inspectors to ensure proper and secure positioning on the trucks.

Rolls should always be handled and stored as follows:
  • Rolls should never be lifted with slings, ropes or chains touching the roll face
  • Rolls should always be supported by the roll shafts or journals avoiding contact with the roll face
  • If rolls are stored for extended periods they should periodically be rotated through 180'
  • Avoid exposure of the rolls to UV (sun light), ozone (electric motors), oils or harmful chemicals
  • Never clean or wipe rolls with chemicals such as Toluene. This could destroy the roll cover

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