H&M Roller Technologies (Pty) Ltd Announces Acquisition of Moseley Rubber Company

On 01 March 2009 H&M Roller Technologies (Pty) Ltd announced the acquisition of the Moseley Rubber Company in Manchester, UK.
Moseley Rubber is a leading international manufacturer of rubber blankets, sleeves and specialized products used in the international paper industry.

With this acquisition H&M Rollers will use the well known Moseley brand to become the leading global supplier in the Extensible Paper sector supplying Rubber Blankets directly from our South African manufacturing facility.

Moseley Rubber Company
has been in operation for over 100 years operating out of its Manchester, UK site supplying into Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.
The manufacturing facility has been relocated to South Africa and all future Rubber Blankets will be manufactured at the newly developed Pietermaritzburg facility.
An office will be retained in Manchester, UK where Sales and Customer Service functions to existing and new international customers will continue. The contact details will remain the same.

This subsidiary of H&M Roller Technologies (Pty) Ltd is registerd as a South African company and will continue trading as "The Moseley Rubber Company (Pty) Ltd"

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