Steel and Aluminium Rollers

The sheet metal industry is one of the largest market sectors for rubber and polyurethane covered rolls.

Producers of sheet steel, stainless steel, aluminium and copper use these covered rolls to carry the continuous strip of sheet metal through the many stages of their respective processes.
In these processes the rolls are exposed to a wide range of chemical, temperature, abrasion and pressure conditions which the covers must resist in order to protect the actual roll shell.

The roll cover also serves to protect the final product from possible scratches and damage.

Rollers are also used to apply paint and varnish coatings to metal substrates.

H&M Rollers supply roll covering materials which are specifically developed to meet the different function and operational requirements of the various processes.
These covering materials include Rubber, Polyurethane and through our H&M Tecnocoat subsidiary,  advanced High Velocity Thermal Sprayed products to suit individual applications.

Many customers have experienced the benefits of using the technologically advanced covered rolls from H&M Rollers.
These benefits include:
  • improved process efficiency
  • extended roll service cycles
  • reduced plant down time
  • improved profitability
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